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Katie H.

I have been taking my daughter to Natalie (Nanny) since 2015 and she has been such a huge blessing to us ever since! At first my daughter was there for full time care and then when she started school she obviously didn’t need full time but no matter what, Natalie has ALWAYS made herself available to us. She really enjoys the kids and I love that her helpers do too! They are all more like family to us now ūüôā The kids have a great time and, like at school, build structure and friendships… I couldn’t pick a better “family” to help take care of my daughter.

Mike R.

I am Natalies son Michael. I have seen Natalie take care of kids for 34 years.   The kids love her. She has a child like spirit. The kids learn how to work well with others and I have seen all the kids treated special.  Jenna house is truley a place where kids learn to use their imagination and develope relationships with others and grow their cognitive abilities.

I love Jennas house!!!!!!!

Sarah B.
We miss Jenna’s house.
Our family just relocated to Colorado, and we had to do it all in about a month. It was absolutely hard to leave Natalie, Sydney and Rene and all the kids that my daughter made friends with! It was always a joy to pick up my 2 year old and see her happy and well fed. She was slightly underweight when we first brought her to Jenna’s house, and her pediatrician was concerned so he referred us to a gastroenterologist who wanted to do a bunch of blood tests…Long story short, we got to drop all of that awful investigating into what could be wrong with my little bean because Natalie and the girls fattened her up! They gave her a special chair at the counter and encouraged her to eat everything they gave her (very healthy food, I might add)…she was back on the growth chart in no time (less than 30 days I think?) and since there didn’t seem to be anything else going on, the doctors were no longer concerned! Praise God ūüôā
Everything about our experience at Jenna’s house was a huge blessing. I could be comfortable at work knowing how well taken care of my daughter was. The in-home atmosphere and Christian values really benefited my daughter in the short time we had her there. I know she was super loved-on, and had so much fun every day. Finding daycare out here in Colorado has been a huge challenge because the bar is set so high! Love you, ladies at Jenna’s house!
Jessica S.

My twins have been with Natalie at Jenna’s House since they were 4 months old. As a new mother I was very nervous about daycare and who to charge with the care of my most precious gifts. We could not feel more blessed to have found Natalie. She is an excellent communicator and has made the first two years incredible learning experiences for my children. Before the age of three they are counting, doing their ABCs and were signing to me as infants before I knew to even look for it! She loves these kids and takes on a lot to give them a full experience. The daycare has an amazing mascot in Kai the dog and also allows children to be supervised with swim lessons. Natalie and her staff have become family. Some of the girls who have gone onto college are still in our network for weekend babysitters. As new scared parents, she truly lightened our load and changed our lives. My children hug and kiss her and tell her they love her when we leave everyday. I don’t prompt them to do this…they do it because she has given them a loving structured environment and they feel safe!! She’s a gift, and having your children there is a rewarding experience.

Nick R.

We have been sending our daughter to Natalie for about 9 months now and have nothing but awesome things to say about her and the way she runs the daycare. Natalie is very loving, warm and every weekday our daughter comes home with stories about how much she enjoyed her time with Natalie and the other children that attend.

Our daughter is 3 years old and learning new things everyday and a large portion of that is due to the lessons that she learns at daycare. She is learning bible stories, new songs, activities, how to be polite and interact with other, how to become her own well rounded person and most importantly the beginning steps to good Christian values.

We are very glad that we chose Natalie, she is amazing with the children and has an endless supply of life lessons and activities. We recommend Natalie to all of our family and friends as we want them and their children to have the same great experiences.